Click-to-Messenger Ads

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to set up an advertisement, target a very specific audience, and have people that click the ad open a Messenger conversation.

Connect your campaign flow to this Click-to-Messenger ad to effectively create a chat landing page for your ad. 

These conversational landing pages have to proven to convert 3-4x better than traditional ones!

This is because, where traditional ads drive traffic to a website, and these website visitors can be used for retargeting, a Click-to-Messenger ad introduces a few extra steps.

People go from an ad to a conversation with your business, where you can collect data like email addresses, and ask questions to segment prospects as potential leads. Different types of leads can be sent to different webpages to increase conversions.

On top of that, you can use Messenger to contact them within 24 hours and export the audience data to retarget future ads. 

Here is a detailed guide to Click-to-Messenger ads and how to set them up.