Direct Link Share

Sharing a direct link to a conversation flow is the most versatile approach to starting conversations.

Create a direct ‘’ link to your campaign flow and share it wherever you interact with your audience.

These links are platform-agnostic, so you can share them just about anywhere, and clicking them will open the Messenger app (on mobile) or go to the Messenger website (on desktop).

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 14.17.27

Any digital channel you can think of will work for distributing your flows. Bear in mind at what point of your funnel people will encounter the place of distribution, and make sure your flow’s content corresponds.

Some examples of places you can share a direct link to your campaign flow:

  • Create an Instagram swipe-up story that links to your flow
  • Add the link to your Instagram bio
  • Share it in organic Facebook posts
  • Link to it in your Facebook story
  • Tweet it to your following
  • Paste it in your email newsletter
  • Add it to your email signature

You can use links for real life, OOH marketing, as well. Your creativity is what’s going to set you apart, here.

Example: You run a bar. Try linking to a discount flow’s link using a generated QR code, printed on a beer mat, so you can gather email addresses of people that visit your establishment. 

You can set this up in minutes by using free QR code generator tools.

QR Code