Sending Broadcasts

You can send any type of message flow to those people in your Messenger audience who have interacted with you in the past 24 hours.

Outside of this 24-hour window, you can send messages under specific circumstances, such as reminders of upcoming appointments or shipment updates. 

It's a great way to reach out to people since Messenger broadcasts have an average open rate above 90% and often see CTRs of 50% when done well. 

The fact that users need to have interacted with your bot in the past 24 hours means you will have to plan your campaigns well. 

You are allowed to send broadcasts outside the 24-hour window in specific cases. These require you to add a message tag to the flow you want to broadcast.

There are 4 available message tags you can use for this purpose: 

  • Confirmed event update
  • Post-purchase update
  • Account update
  • Human Agent 

Add the correct message tag to your campaign flow to be able to send broadcasts outside the 24-hour window. Please refer to the following support article for more information on message tags.