Message Tags

There are four available Message Tags for sending messages outside the 24-hour window: confirmed event update, post-purchase update, account update and human agent (beta).

If you want to send messages to users more than 24 hours after they last interacted with your bot, you need to apply one of these four tags. 

At the moment, the human agent tag is still in beta, so you can only choose from the confirmed event update, post-purchase update, and account update tag.

Please see the following Facebook support page for a run-down of these use cases and what is and what isn’t allowed, specifically.

Apart from these 4 tags, there is also an additional tag: the non-promotional subscription tag. This, however, is only available if your Facebook page is registered with the News Page Index (NPI), and can be used to share news content, only.

To send tagged messages, open the Chat-editor, click on the ellipses in the top-right corner and select ‘Settings’:

Go to settings to change message tags

The message tag is set to ‘Standard Messaging’ by default. Messages tagged with a ‘Standard Messaging’ tag can only be sent to people who have interacted with your Messenger channels in the last 24 hours. 

Click on settings and select your preferred tag from the drop-down menu. If you want to update someone on things related to their purchase, choose the post-purchase tag, for instance:

Post-purchase update message tag-1

Tagging your messages correctly will allow you to send people messages outside the 24-hour window. Please note that inaccurate use of the tag may leave your Facebook page suspended or banned. 

For instance, these messages cannot contain promotional material - they are meant for specific purposes, such as updating customers on purchases they made, events they are attending, or informing them on changes regarding their account, e.g. credit card changes.

Save the selected tag, write your conversation flow, and save or send it immediately, just like you would any other flow!