Your First Campaign

How to set up your first campaign on ShopPop. Three simple steps that will show you how to get started in minutes.

Step 1: Define one or more campaign goals

You can use Messenger to talk to your audience. These conversations can do several things. Share a file, exclusive content, ask people to share their email address, drive traffic to a webpage. Or do all of that in one conversation!

To set up a campaign, first, decide what it needs to accomplish. 

Step 2: Create a flow or use one of our Featured Campaigns

In the ‘My Campaigns’ section of your dashboard, create a conversation flow using the Chat Editor. Add any components needed to achieve your campaign goal, and save your flow when finished. Preview to see what it looks like in Messenger.

Alternatively, navigate to the ‘Featured Campaigns’ section to browse pre-written flows. Preview these flows and save one to your ‘My Campaigns’ if it suits your campaign goals.

Use the Chat Editor to make any necessary edits.

The preview to Messenger button

Make sure to preview the flow after editing, using the blue Messenger button!

Step 3: Launch your campaign 

You’ve got multiple options when it comes to sharing your campaign. Take a look at these different campaign types

  • Direct: share a direct link to your flow across platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email). Repeat regularly for the best result. Use the 'Share' button to copy the direct link.
  • Newsfeed activation: create a Comment-to-Messenger rule. People comment on a Facebook post and trigger the flow. Great for creating viral posts.
  • Advertising: you can use Facebook’s powerful ad platform and run Click-to-Messenger ads. Drive a new audience straight to your Messenger flow. 
  • Sponsored Messages: use this ad type to send a message to anyone who's had a conversation with you on Messenger before. Great for onboarding these people on your channel.

Combine these promotional styles! 


Link to your campaign’s flow in an Instagram swipe-up Story, create a Facebook post that encourages people to comment, triggering the flow, and run a Click-to-Messenger ad to it. 

Maximize your campaign’s efficiency and achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 

And get in touch if you need help getting started