Message Permissions

You cannot message everyone who liked your Facebook Page. People first have to subscribe to your Messenger channel. They do this by going to your channel and clicking on 'Get Started'

You cannot message everyone who liked you Facebook Page. Imagine you go to a Facebook page, click ‘like’ and get a direct message in your Messenger inbox the next day. That would be pretty invasive.

It’s better to look at your Messenger channel as a new email list: you start from scratch and grow your subscriber count from the ground up. Using I AM POP to broadcast messages and conversation flows to your audience is far from invasive, actually.

Here’s why:

  1. Your fans will only be subscribed to your channel once they visit it and click on ‘Get Started’
  2. Our tool allows you to add a double opt-in, just to make sure that your fans know exactly what they signed up for
  3. If you’re serious about consent, you’ll send your subscribers a message once in a while, asking them if they’re still up for receiving your broadcasts

Let’s talk you through those three points quickly:

1. How your fans subscribe to your channel

The very first time people go to your Messenger channel (either by following your ‘’ link or by going to your Facebook page and clicking the ‘Send Message’ button) they will be greeted by the following screen:


The Get Started screen

Clicking the ‘Get Started’ button will subscribe people to your channel and trigger your introduction flow. This means that you will be able to broadcast messages directly to their Messenger inbox. If you want to be extra clear about what it is people are signing up for, you can…

2. Add a second opt-in to your intro flow

Just to make sure that people know what to expect from your Messenger channel, ask them for their consent. Here’s what that would look like in an Introduction Flow:

Double opt-in in an Introduction Flow

You can set up the negative response to unsubscribe people from the default ‘General Updates’ channel. This filters out the people who might’ve just clicked on ‘Get Started’ out of sheer curiosity. Now you can safely broadcast your messages to those fans that are truly looking forward to it. Lastly, you can…

3. Check in to see if your subscribers are still happy

Just like in at the bottom of an email newsletter, you are going to want to give your subscribers the option to opt out. They can type ‘Unsubscribe’ in your channel, or manage their subscriptions in the persistent menu of your channel, of course.

But we’re practicing conversational marketing here. Why don’t you send them a broadcast every month or two, asking them if they’re still interested in receiving your updates?

Here’s what that would look like in POP’s Chat Editor:

Checking consent for broadcasts

So, no, you can’t message everyone who liked your page. Just like with a new email list, you need to grow your subscriber count. Far from being invasive, there are several ways to make this process as consensual as possible.