Supported File Types

POP supports images, video and audio files

We support images, video and audio files. We currently do not use any image and/or video compression, we upload any file as is.

Please note that small image sizes are good for performance and a good experience.

Image (max 10 MB)
.bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg .png

If your image is too large, you can easily optimise it using free tools on the web or applications such as ImageOptim.

Video (max 25 MB)
.mp4 .ogv .webm .3gp .avi .flv .mpg .mov .m4v .qt

If your video is too large, we recommend optimising videos using a free tool, Handbrake.

Audio (max 25 MB)
.aac .mpeg .m4a .mp3 .mp4 .m2a .wav .flac

Using a free application called Audacity you can change the kbps to lower audio file size.

Documents (max 25 MB) .pdf