Published and Unpublished Pages

You can adjust your Facebook page's visibility by publishing or unpublishing it

Facebook allows you to unpublish your page if you would like to keep it private and visible to users with a role on the page only.

This is useful when you're announcing something new to the public and you don't want anyone to find it until you launch. Or very helpful if you simply want to test in private.

Adjusting page visibility of your Facebook page

If you navigate to Page Settings > General > Page Visibility you will be able to see the Facebook option.

You can also change page visibility on your Settings page. Click 'Page visiblity' to change a page to be published or unpublished.

Adjusting your Facebook page visibility in your I AM POP dashboard

Please note that Facebook will also unpublish inactive pages after a period of time. You will receive a notification from Facebook when that happens.