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Partner Program Requirements

In order to become an official partner, make sure you tick all the boxes and ask us for a review. Once completed, you’ll get listed in our partner directory and gain access to our Slack group for partners.

Checklist (mandatory)

Please make sure you tick all the boxes on the following checklist:

  • Create a ShopPop account
  • Connect your Facebook business page to ShopPop
  • Add a payment method to your account
  • Book and attend the onboarding session
  • Connect one client to ShopPop

Become successful (suggestions)

Successful partners have taken the opportunity to create an announcement campaign about becoming an official ShopPop Partner. Here’s a list for inspiration:

  • Write an announcement article on your blog
  • Send an email to your clients about the new services you’re offering
  • Promote the partnership on social media
  • Add the official ShopPop Partner Program logos to your website
  • Join the ShopPop Chat Marketing Community

Group 987-1     Group 987-2

Ready to become official?

When you meet all the requirements, please go ahead and request a review by following the link  below.