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Getting Started

Get started quickly with these simple steps to setting up your first Messenger channel using ShopPop. Ready to grow your business?

1. Log in to ShopPop

Start your chat marketing campaigns by logging in to ShopPop. You’ll be prompted by Facebook to allow ShopPop permission to manage any Facebook pages you have admin rights to. 

Make sure you select the page you want to connect and allow ShopPop to manage it. You’ll start your chat marketing journey in the Inbox section of the dashboard. 

This displays all of your Messenger channel’s conversations in one place. Until you connect a page, there won’t be any conversations to show. 

2. Connect your Facebook page

Click on ‘Connect a page’ in the middle of the screen and you’ll be prompted to select any of the Facebook pages you manage. 

Set it LIVE to load all your Messenger conversations in the Inbox, or leave it in DRAFT mode to continue with your initial setup. 

3. Create your first campaign

Go to the ‘My Campaigns’ section and click on the big blue button in the bottom right to open the Chat Editor. Start creating your first campaign flow from scratch, or go to ‘Featured Campaigns’ to preview some of our template campaign flows for inspiration.

Either way, make sure you use the big blue ‘Preview on Messenger’ button to see what your chat flow looks like in the Messenger app. 

Happy? You’re now ready to start conversations that grow your business. Simply, set your channel to LIVE and share your campaign with your audience.

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