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Starting the Conversation

Once you’ve finished planning and writing your first campaign, you’ll want to share it with your audience. There are several ways you can start conversations.

1. Direct link share

Sharing a direct link to a conversation flow is the most versatile approach to starting conversations. Copy the direct ‘m.me’ link to your campaign flow and share it wherever you interact with your audience.

These links are platform-agnostic, so you can share them just about anywhere, and clicking them will open the Messenger app (on mobile) or go to the Messenger website (on desktop).

2. Comment-to-Messenger

If you want to increase engagement with your Facebook post and use a unique entry point into Messenger, a Comment-to-Messenger campaign is your best bet.

Setting up a Comment-to-Messenger rule on your post allows you to respond to people commenting on the post with a private message, directly in Messenger. 

3. Click-to-Messenger Ads

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to set up an advertisement, target a very specific audience, and have people that click the ad open a Messenger conversation. Connect your campaign flow to this Click-to-Messenger ad to effectively create a chat landing page for your ad. 

These conversational landing pages have to proven to convert 3-4x better than traditional ones!

4. Sponsored Messages

If you want to send direct messages to people that haven’t interacted with you in the past 24 hours, you can use Sponsored Messages. This ad type can target all the people that have ever had a conversation with your business in Messenger.

Sponsored Messages are a great way to reactivate that part of your Messenger audience which has gone cold. 

5. Website Chat Widgets

Facebook Chat Plugin

You can add the Facebook Chat Plugin to your website to prompt website visitors to start a conversation with you. You set up this plugin in your Facebook page settings in a few simple steps. 

Putting Facebook's Chat Plugin on your website is a great way to offer customer support to your website visitors. Handle support issues in the Inbox section of your ShopPop dashboard. 

Chat Widget

If you'd rather offer several different support channels, ShopPops's Chat Widget is your best bet. This widget allows you to include Messenger, WhatsApp, email and other support options. You can even add promotions that link to Flows, directly!

Pop-up Widget

You can also create your very own Pop-up Widget, straight from your ShopPop dashboard. These customizable widgets can link to a specific flow and include text descriptions and images.

6. Sending Broadcasts

You can send any type of message flow to those people in your Messenger audience who have interacted with you in the past 24 hours. Outside of this 24-hour window, you can send messages under specific circumstances, such as reminders of upcoming appointments or shipment updates. 

Because people receive a push notification, open rates for Messenger broadcasts tend to average around 90% and up.

7. Subscription Messaging

If you’re a news organization and you’ve registered your Facebook page with the News Page Index, you can let people subscribe to regular news updates in Messenger. 

You can send out these updates outside the 24-hour interaction window, as long as they don’t contain any promotional content. 

Run a news distribution service in Messenger, with high open rates, while growing your audience at the same time using subscription messaging